I had sundae at the famous ice cream shop named Oberweis.The best ice cream I have ever had,it’s so rich and creamy.Banana royale sundae starts with three icecream toppings.And so I decided to make something at home similar to it. So enjoy this ice cream treat.:)

  • 2 ripe Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Vanilla,Strawberry and Chocolate Ice cream
  • Almond and cashew slices
  • Chocolate sauce/HERSHEY’s hot fudge topping
    • Heat fudge topping until warm.
    • Peel bananas and cut into half lengthwise.
    • Now place 1scoop of each ice cream;vanilla,strawberry,chocolate and fruits;bananas,strawberries in one large dish.
    • Spoon hot fudge topping or chocolate sauce over the ice creams.
    • Top with almond and cashew slices or whipped cream.

Enjoy :)